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Connecting Hearts, Empowering Lives:
Your Community Engagement Journey Starts Here

Our Community Engagement Program is designed to connect adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the wider community. This program is built on the foundation of inclusivity, respect, and the promotion of personal interests and talents. It's more than just an activity program; it's a stepping stone towards greater community involvement and personal development.

Social Activities

Engaging events that foster friendships and social skills.

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Volunteer Opportunities

 Meaningful participation in local charities and community projects.

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Educational Workshops

Learning new skills and hobbies through structured workshops.

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Health and Wellness

Activities focused on physical well-being and mental health.

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At our group homes, we prioritize the needs of our residents and providing a clean and nurturing environment is one of them. Our available rooms are designed for comfort and privacy, so you can feel at home in our community. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of living for our residents, so come and visit us.

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